Code: HC-BL2000

- Top Selling Power Blender In Korea : Record Sales Of 3,000 Units In One Hour TV Show!
- Powerful Super UAC Motor : 3.5 Horsepower, 400 Rounds Per Second
- Full Stainless Steel Axlerim Spine, High Strength 420J2 STS Blades
- Cool Matte Steel Exterior
- BPA-free 2l Tritan Jug : Light Weight, Excellent Heat & Shock Resistant, Highly Durable (Same Material As Baby Milk Bottles)
- Cooling Circulation System : Automatically Prevents Overheating
- Thermometer Tamper : Efficient Blending Tool, Enables Convenient Measuring Of Soup Temperature
- Self Cleaning Mode : Cleaning Is Quick & Effortless
- Multiple Blending Usages : Juice, Smoothie, Soup, Porridge, Soya Milk etc
- Auto Blending Modes : "Chef", "Juice", "Smoothie"
- Blending Offers High Dietary Fiber & Reduction Of Blood Sugar (Compared To Juicing)
- 5-year Warranty On Motor
- Made In Korea

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