Code: HN5649

Originally released in 1915

It was Charles Noke, art director from 1914, who had the vision to revive and renew the Staffordshire Figure tradition and several of the early figurines, including the Jester, were his own work. Given Noke’s enthusiasm for Jesters inspired by theatre and historical precedent, and the popularity of the theme for character figurines throughout the 20th century, it’s the perfect icon of the early period. The Jester was produced in several versions and colourways but it’s Noke’s first design inspired by a medieval court jester that is used in the commemorative edition. The fool perches on a column clasping one leg to his body, he’s dressed in a cowl and tunic over breeches in a striking black and white chequer decoration. Details that Noke included in his original such as the three cornered Fool’s hat with bells to each point and his mock sceptre – or bauble – have been vigilantly remodelled in miniature scale.            

Height : 9.5cm

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