Code: HN 5655

Originally released in 1986

Isadora modelled by Peter Gee was launched in 1986 and it was the personal favourite of all the work this talented sculptor created. Peter joined the modelling team aged just 17 in 1973 and once his training was complete he created many different sculptures for the HN figurine collection including pretty ladies, character studies and limited editions. 

In creating Isadora, Peter was inspired by the work of former Royal Doulton sculptor Leslie Harradine, in particular his  figurines Butterfly, Marietta and Lady with Shawl. Peter wanted to create a graceful sculpture that reflected the freedom and vitality of the 1920’s and especially the natural movements of one of the decade’s most expressive dancers, Isadora Duncan - in whose honour the figurine was named.  The miniature commemorative edition has been expertly painted by hand using traditional shading techniques to recreate the shimmering lilac fabric of the original 1980’s study.

Height : 11.3cm


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