Code: EH-2473

- "A Holistic Facial Care Steamer That Ensures You Always Look Your Best, So You'll Never Be Just Another Face In The Crowd"
- Panasonic's Premium Nanocare Facial Steamer : World's 1st Platinum Hot / Cold Steamer
- The Hot / Cool Treatment Recommended By Beauty Specialists : Heating Softens The Skin & Cooling Pulls The Skin Tight
- Can Be Enjoyed In The Relaxing Comforts Of One's Home By People With Various Skin Types
- Daily Cleansing : Apply Cleanser. Turn On Hot Steam While Rubbing Cleanser Has The Effects Of Lifting Foundation Or Sebum Dirt Away From
- Excite Your Skin With Alternating Sprays Of Hot Platinum Steam & Cool Micromist
- Hot Platinum Steam Is High-function Steam Comprised Of Nanoparticle Ion Steam With Platinum Nano Components, An Anti-afeing
- The Vibrant Steam Reaches Deep Inside The Skin's Keratin, Fortifying The Layers With Resilience, Elasticity & Firmness
- Cool Micromist Is Fine Mist That Thoroughly Cool The Entire Face Steadily & Helps To Tighen The Skin
- 3 Hot / Cold Automatic Beauty Program : 1. Clear Skin Course : Reduces Dark Circles & Dullness Of Skin
2. Tension / Elasticity Course : Increase Elasticity Of Skin
3. Sebum Care Course : Restores Sebum Balance Of Skin
- Simple Operation : Fill Water Tank, Select Desired Programs, Enjoy.
- Also Recommended For Deep Cleansing : Deep Cleansing Course, About 3 To 7 Minutes
- Following Should Consult Docter Before Use : Persons With Acute Illness, Tumors, Sensitive Skin With Allergys, Excessive Sunburns, Eczema
- Not Suitable For Pregnant Ladies

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