Code: HN 5656

Originally released in 1997

The Prestige figurine Henry V at Agincourt by Alan Maslankowski dates from 1997. Alan’s great achievement in his Prestige sculptures was adding dramatic intensity to the subject he depicted, but, on a smaller scale he was also successful and his sensitive understanding of humanity was revealed in his studies of children, elegant portraits of women and robust historical characters. His favourite subjects, however, were animals and so many of his designs include a cat or dog.

For Henry V, Alan chose the moment the King addressed his troops before the battle began. Alan added urgency by posing the horse in a rearing stance, by the action of its sinewy front legs and the expression in its eye, and by the determination on Henry’s face. This extraordinary feeling of power along with the bright colours and details of the medieval royal battle dress are replicated in the miniature commemorative edition.

Height : 12.3cm


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