Code: KC-A50E-B/W

- Plamacluster Ion Shower

Emits 7,000 ion/cm3 High density ions can fill up the room 1.5 times faster as compared to normal mode New nozzle design at a 20 degree angle provides efficient airflow and circulation of ions throughout the room.

- Longer filter lifetime

New Air Purifier with humidifying function comes with longer filter lifetime up to 10 years for both

- HEPA and humidifying filter

The value of filter life will vary according to the frequency of usage and the conditions of the surrouding environment.

- New design with bigger opening for water tank and wheels

Refill of water tank and maintence is made easier with bigger opening for water tank you can easily reach into the tank for thorough cleaning the unit be easily relocated, with wheels incorporated incorporated into the design.

- Display monitor on unit for easy monitoring

Level of humidity, odor and quality of air in the rooms can be easily monitored with new display on the unit.

- Humiditying function removes static electricity at a faster rate

Operation with humifying and Plasmacluster Ions is 3.5 times more effective at reducing static electricity, preventing pollen and dust from circulating in the room and clinging to curtain or clothing Humidifying function also improves the effectiveness and endurance of Plasmacluster Ions.

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